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Because Saving the Planet

Is Optional


About Us

Prepare to ditch the lab coats and ditch the stereotypes

Forget about awkward social cues and dusty old textbooks. NATOS isn't your typical NGO.

We're a band of tech-savvy changemakers, a vibrant ecosystem of scientists, programmers, and dreamers who refuse to sit idly by as the world faces its greatest challenges.

We believe innovation isn't just about the next gadget or gizmo. It's about harnessing the power of technology to solve the problems that truly matter – environmental degradation, digital inequality, the looming shadow of climate change. We're not just coders in basements; we're architects of a sustainable future, brick by code, byte by byte.

But we're NOT doing this alone

We're building bridges between brilliant minds and passionate communities, empowering young innovators to unleash their potential, and forging collaborations that span continents and disciplines.

This is

Science with a soul

Research with a purpose

where every line of code, every experiment, every community partnership ripples outwards, creating a wave of

Positive change.

Innovate, Include, Inspire

Join Us on the Path to Equality

With heartfelt dedication, we embrace gender equality, weaving inclusivity into the very fabric of each endeavour. Our vision is about creating a haven where everyone, regardless of gender, is empowered to contribute, grow, and excel.

This is our invitation to you to join us in championing a future where innovation and inclusivity walk hand in hand, lighting up a path to a fairer, more just world.

Your support is crucial.

Together, we can create meaningful change.


our vision

We aim to lead in tech-driven sustainable development and environmental care. Our focus? Digital transformation and empowering young minds for a healthier planet. Together, let's blend technology with nature for a brighter future.

our mission

We foster a collaborative network of researchers, technologists, professionals, and communities, focusing on knowledge sharing and cooperative development, with a strong emphasis on gender equality at every level. We're dedicated to educating the global community on environmental conservation and digital transformation, while empowering young talent through mentorship and opportunities, ensuring equal access and representation for all genders. Our commitment extends to influencing sustainable and inclusive policies in technology, advocating for a future where innovation benefits everyone equall


and Evaluation


Young Talent


and Development







and Policy Change




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